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Moon is a friend of Mercury that's why it does not cause Vedha to Mercury and the native gets auspicious results during its transit. Vedhas of Jupiter Jupiter is a benefic planet and it give auspicious results when placed in the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th or 11th house. Any planet placed in 12th, 4th, 3rd, 10th or 8th house in birth-chart causes Vedha to Jupiter and reduces auspiciousness of Jupiter. Vedhas of Venus Venus placed in ascendant, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, 11th or 12th house in bith-chart, will be auspicious in the transit.

According to principles of Vedic astrology if Venus gets Vedha when placed in these houses due to the planetary position in 8th, 7th, Ascendant, 10th, 9th, 5th, 11th, 6th or 3rd house then the auspicious resultst will get reduced. Venus gives auspicious results when pIanets placed in the birth-chart do not cause Vedha to it.

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Vedhas of Saturn Saturn is known as a malefic planet. It gives benefic results when placed in the 3rd, 6th or 11th house. Any planet placed in 12th, 9th or 5th house causes Vedha to Saturn. Saturn's benefic influence get vanished and it also does not give auspicious result in transit, due to the Vedha. Please rate this article:. The person is predictable, reliable and does not venture out of the path set by others.

On the negative side, the person can be quite rigid in his beliefs and not open to comments and suggestions from others.

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During this period, it is interesting to see the signs that Saturn is aspecting. One is own sign of Aquarius and others are the signs of Gemini and Virgo that belong to friend Mercury.

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Hence, the transits will support these two houses in the rashi chart. It would enter the sign of Virgo, ruled by Mercury during late hours of August 11th for a horoscope cast for Bangalore, India. Jupiter will be in Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra to begin with. It will move to Hasta on 28th September and then to Chitra on 4th December. It will be debilitated in Navamsha as soon as it moves to Virgo.

It becomes retrograde in Virgo on February 6th, , while it less than a degree of getting out of Virgo. It becomes direct on June 9th, By Kshitij Sharma, December 18, Therefore, when Rahu enters Leo, Ketu enters Aquarius. The rest of the article will try to delineate how the two transits of Rahu in Pisces and Ketu in Aquarius. The sign in the first column is the janma rashi or the moon sign. If you do not know your moon sign, please first find it out through the horoscope software application on this page on the website.

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Subsequently, lookup this sign on the first column and find out the effect of the transit. If the transit is adverse, the necessary remedies to reduce the effects of Rahu and Ketu transits are detailed in the last part of this article. Movement of Rahu and Ketu through the zodiac is pretty interesting. They are not real planets, but are mathematical points. They both move back in retrogression. Please note that this is a general affect of the transit and the results will be very specific to your birth horoscope. If Rahu affects 5th house in the birth horoscope i. Also, since Rahu and Ketu have special 5th and 9th drishti, there will be some stimulation of the traits denoted by the house being aspected by these two shadowy planets. In this article, this time around, I have also tried to incorporate other transits and their affect on the individuals.

For any of the adverse transits, the following remedies should be followed.

Saturn Ketu transit 2019 for all ascednants in Astrology (unique approach)

Please note that is is just for Rahu and Ketu and are not customized for the sign as such. Specific remedies for the signs are better looked under monthly forecasts section , as the posts there will take care of other planetary transits and suggest better remedies. A significant percent also have Saturn in retrograde as well. Please note that these are people who are coming to me as an astrologer and not the ones I pick up on the forum for my own learning. As Saturn is in Scorpio as of now see this article for reference , it means that Saturn is now transiting over its natal position.

This is an extremely important event — happens at the age multiple of 29 years. This transit markes some significant changes in the life of these individuals. The life, life style and the direction changes for some of these individuals. It would enter the sign of Simha, ruled by Sun during early hours of July 14th for a horoscope cast for Bangalore, India.

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Jupiter will be in Magha Nakshatra to begin with, i. It becomes retrograde in Leo on January 8th, , while it less than a degree of getting out of Leo. It becomes direct on May 9th, It then picks up speed finally is out of Leo in August Mesha Sankranti: Occurs on April 14th, This is the day on which Sun enters the first sign of Zodiac as well as its exaltation sign of Aries.

Sun : Located in 10th house, conjunct with Mars and Mercury. Mars is in swakshetra in Aries, making this very powerful 10th house. Mercury as 3rd and 12th lord in its malefic capacity is muting down some of the good results. Saturn : retrograde in watery sign. This has already started unnecessary and unexpected rain in most parts of the country. Enter your email address:. Contact Information Need Help? All right reserved. Terms of Use. This portal is dedicated to Vedic Astrology - Vedanga Jyotish, a science that is deep-rooted in Indian culture, tradition, and philosophy of life.

Planetary Transits. Aries 5th House Adverse 11th House Favourable This transit indicates erratic cash flow, but it will not go zero. The favourable Ketu transit will see to that. However, you cannot gamble with it. Rahu fritters away gains if we do not pay attention to our investments.

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  8. Love, gains, worries, pleasure will be driven through children and they will be in focus. You may at times feel distrust and lack of faith but you will have to look at the bigger picture and ensure that logic is given more importance than doubts. Taurus 4th House Adverse 10th House Adverse You need to take care of your mother — in relationships, health etc. Example if rahu MD and rahu travels over a negative and weak planet in the chart then it triggers the negative impact of that planet to full extent even if it is say 3rd from moon which is generally a good transit for rahu.

    VS, Please do find time to answer even if I sound a little confused. My area of doubt is : In the 2nd example, why does Rahu not trigger the full -ve impact. Rahu in general is good only in 3,6,10 and 11 from moon. However what I emphasized is that even within the good transit, transiting over a negative natal planet will give negative impact till that is over. I got it. It depends on how far the transitting planet is close to the badly posited planet in janma kundli. For a cancer asc, being the lord of the 6th and 9th and if the 6th bhaav is stronger than the 9th, could Jupiter bring obstacles in the bhaavs it transits?

    Think of it as the Jeeva-karaka. As an activator of the house and planets it is transiting over. If 1 is true, does it also activate the natal planets in the aspected houses?