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Jupiter spends most of the year in your intimacy sector, so this can be a good year for focusing on strengthening emotional bonds in your relationships and deepening the intimacy, if in a relationship. If single, you may prefer someone you feel a strong emotional and physical attraction to, and that you feel is serious, seductive, and a little mysterious.

Want to learn about love and astrology? Sign up for the mini class, Intro to Love Astrology! Taurus Career Horoscope. Mars is in your money sector April to mid-May, and this can give you extra focus on your finances and help you to pursue financial opportunities that come your way or to create some for yourself. You can take on a second job, side gig, turn a hobby profitable, or find better ways of managing your finances. You may focus on an important financial transaction, arrangement, agreement, or partnership, and this can help you to put yourself in a better position financially.

Mars tours your work sector October to mid-November, and you can feel extra productive, hard-working, practical, and focused. You can make the most of your time and energy, getting as much work done as you can. Taurus Home and Family Horoscope. You can make improvements at home, plan a move, or strive to make your home feel more comfortable for you. You may want a deeper connection emotionally to your home base, wherever that is for you.

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Mars is in the sector ruling your children mid-August through September, and if you have children, they may demand more of your attention, and you can give them a lot of it. You can make the more of a priority, and this can help you connect with your own inner child. You can focus on being more affectionate and sharing the loved you feel with loved ones.

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Taurus Mental State Horoscope. Uranus is ending his time in the sector ruling your subconscious mind this year, exiting in March, and Mars is in this sector to kick the year off until mid-February.

You can take advantage of this energy early in the year to connect to your subconscious mind and gain better understanding and flashes of insight into your subconscious issues, motivations, and desires. You can work to eliminate subconscious baggage, and move forward with greater conscious awareness. Pluto and Saturn remain in the sector ruling your higher mind as year, just as they did for , so you can continue to take a serious, intense approach to expanding your mind and opening up to the world, and can share knowledge you have and gain more knowledge from others.

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You may focus on knowledge that will benefit your life in a major way or help you to transform, learn, or grow. A solar eclipse occurs in this sector January 5th, and you can get excited by big ideas and work on realistic plans. The final solar eclipse of the year on December 26th is also in this sector, and you can turn toward new ideas and plans again for Mars tours the sector ruling your mind mid-May through June, and you can have lots of new ideas, keep yourself busy, and be more engaging with others.

You may identify more strongly with your ideas, and focus on taking action with them. Mercury partially retrogrades in your money sector in mid-July, and this can bring some financial difficulties or unexpected financial developments you need to adjust to quickly. Mars is in your money sector July through mid-August, and this can help you to deal with any challenges quickly and pursue financial opportunities, improve your finances, and make smart financial decisions.


Cancer Home and Family Horoscope. You can spend more time with family, make improvements to your home or living situation, plan a move or family gathering, and want more of a feeling of home somewhere. You can give yourself more emotional comfort and support, and give that to the people in your life that you care about. If you have children, Mercury will retrograde in the sector ruling your kids the first half of November, and your kids can be more rebellious, may demand more of your attention, and you may need to be extra patient with them.

Mars is in this sector mid-November to the end of the year, and you can spend more time with them, give them more attention, support them in the spotlight, or improve your connection with them. Cancer Mental State Horoscope.

go site Neptune remains in the sector ruling your higher mind all year, and you can pursue subjects of interest that you want to dig deeper into and gain more expertise in. You can focus more on spiritual interests as well. Mercury retrogrades in this sector in March, and you can take time to re-learn or re-teach something, and it can be a good time for going back to school or taking a course over again. You can be more open to different ways of viewing the world.

Mars is in the sector ruling your subconscious mind April through mid-May, and this can be a time for you to get in tune with your subconscious self. You can gain better understanding of subconscious issues, motivations, and desires, and can work on letting go of past issues.

Clearing out some subconscious sludge can be a good thing. Cancer General Horoscope. Mars is in your sign mid-May through June, giving you lots of energy, enthusiasm, and making you want to pursue new beginnings, a new path, new opportunities, and new adventures. You can be more open to starting something new, and this can be something you work on for the next two years as this is the start of a new Mars cycle for you.

You can make the most of excitement and enthusiasm, and go for what you want.

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A solar eclipse occurs in your sign July 2nd, and this can help to energize you more and inspire you to take action for what you want. Mercury retrogrades briefly in your sign late in July though, so this may bring a block you need to overcome or make you slow down a little to take stock and be smart. Sometimes this can be challenging, but it can turn out positive if you work with it rather than fight against it. Privacy Policy. Terms and Conditions.