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For example, are there things that need to be repaired to add value to your home? Is there dental work that you have been putting off? Is money being spent unwisely or wastefully? The very nature of physical existence implies gradual decay, and Saturn is the planet that fortifies and maintains structure. Meanwhile, Mercury is retrograde December 3 - Since Mercury is the planet of thinking, mentally conscious awareness, it may be helpful to consider insight, direction, and possibly decisions that have been in the works since mid-November.

A Mercury retrograde period is the universe's way of slowing things down as humans have a tendency to impulsively and blindly force their way upon life. It's like hitting the pause button. Mercury goes retrograde 3 times a year for approximately 21 days. As many of you have observed in the past, Mercury retrograde can be frustrating in its delays, change of plans, and unforeseen challenges.

These are typical ways that life gets us to slow down, obtain more information, and review the projected course ahead.

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In this case, Mercury retrograde during the holidays may very well effect shopping, gift selection, traveling, and other activities of the season. In addition to the more mundane influences of a typical Mercury retrograde period, there is a deeper level to this particular Mercury retrograde.

It really is a summary of the past two years; what has worked, what needs to be changed, what needs to be released. This will become very clear for most of us, especially as January gets underway. As Mercury joins Saturn three times, it will promote a wise assessment. Its usefulness may be taken for granted, but it has developed some cracks that can no longer be ignored.

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Precious contents are draining away, and it's time to plug up the holes. The pottery can represent one's health, finances, home, relationships, environment, and more, but the question remains. What needs to be consolidated and fortified to preserve quality of life? This process will be evident on the individual level as well as collective level. Over the next two years, it will become the national conversation in terms of heritage, infrastructure, morals, and the fundamental institutions that not only bind society together, but the institutions that society relies upon for sustenance and harmony.

The holiday season typically evokes fond memories of years past. It is a time for nostalgia, reverence and tradition. Mercury orbiting so closely to conservative and traditional Saturn will make sure of that. However, another planetary pattern has been in place for Saturn in Sagittarius has been in harmony with Uranus in Aries. Together they represent a profound and building momentum to break free of the limitations that hinder progress.

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It may be harder to recognize this movement as evidence is still taking form. Over these next weeks, Mercury joins this combination, harmoniously engaging Uranus, November 25, December 10 and January 5. Also, Uranus is applying pressure for progress as it prepares to begin a direct phase on January 2. As much as Saturn is about preserving, and maintaining tradition, Uranus is uncompromising in it's thrust toward freedom, innovation and invention.

Together, the planetary energies support a growing, and keen awareness of collective unity based on individual contribution and integrity. In gratitude for my community of family and friends, readers, clients and students, I sign off for the year. Even within the hustle of the season, remember the holiness of the solstice, the holiness of life itself.

Settling down for a long winter's nap, seek and discover guidance deep within. Listen, align, trust. May each of us completely realize how truly Blessed we are to be on Earth at this most auspicious time.

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Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 40 years experience. She is available for your personal consultation. EMAIL: belinda astrodelight. As our Sun moves through the zodiac sign of Scorpio, the time is now for a deep dive into the ancient mysteries of life.

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If mentioned at all, these subjects tend to be glossed over, hastily dismissed as too sensitive a topic for most people. All of a sudden, the rapid approach of winter, and holiday celebrations can no longer be ignored, preparations must be taken for the season ahead. The zodiac sign of Scorpio reminds us to live passionately engaged despite the ever changing landscape of physical existence.

The month begins with a SuperMoon. Also known as perigee, this astronomical event occurs when the Moon is in its closest proximity to the Earth. In this case, the Moon in Taurus opposes the Sun in Scorpio. Tension can arise in those relationships where finances play a key role. Indiscretions, secrets and insensitivity may may come up in terms of the money one receives, and the money one shares. It may be necessary to set clear boundaries, but overall, this Full Moon brings more clarity into financial matters even if there is a need to make adjustments.

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Shining brightly for all to see, this Full Moon tends to surface strong emotion that may have been held beneath the surface of everyday consciousness. Humans tend to hide and resist emotion, but this Full Moon acts as a purgative with the capacity to cleanse less than honorable intentions while illuminating true motives.

It is possible to have a better understanding of where you stand in relationship to others. It's a clearing of the air, so to speak. The theme of relationship continues as Mars transits Libra, the zodiac sign of people and partnership, for the entire month. This is an interesting, albeit challenging combination, as Mars can be aggressive and combative, but Libra is the peacemaker. The tendency to gloss over potential complications, and keep peace at any cost, proves to be unsustainable in the long term.

Issues that undermine genuine connection may come into awareness for the purpose of resolution. There is always a time and place for honest, resourceful and heartfelt communication. At its inception, Saturn was Libra. As Mars transits over this sensitive point, watch for developments on the national and international scene that expose underlying motives, and require the fine art of diplomacy along with articulate communication of long term goals.

This may be easier said than done as Mars is in stressful aspect to Pluto on November This combination denotes hidden power struggles, intense competition, and possible manipulation. What is going on beneath the surface of things may not be readily visible, but these are days for caution, patience and circumspection November After transiting through the zodiac sign of the Archer for two years, Saturn is preparing for its entrance into Capricorn around the time of the Winter Solstice.

Saturn in Sagittarius has been a wild roller coaster ride of ups and downs, highs and lows. The exhilaration of progress, and the crush of defeat, have repeatedly put people on notice. Clearly, there is much work to be done, and the task of survival into the 21st century remains an ever present issue. While there have been numerous affects of Saturn's transit through Sagittarius, perhaps the most fundamental lesson has shown up in terms of ideology.

It is so easy to take belief for granted as an abstract concept. However, through one dramatic crisis after another, the power of belief, for better or worse, for unity or divisiveness, has been front and center. As Saturn completes its sojourn through Sagittarius, it wraps up two major, extraordinary, and unusual planetary trends.

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  • Think back to December At that point, Saturn entered a harmonious and supportive aspect with Uranus on December This month, on November 11, Saturn engages Uranus for the third and final time. It has been a forceful and volatile year, whereby one initiative after another has been undertaken. It has been a year governed by impulse, like throwing spaghetti up against the wall to see if it sticks.

    However, look closely, it has also been a year of experimentation, innovation and extraordinary breakthrough that will benefit our collective experience for years to come. The second planetary combination started last December, and completes with Saturn's third and final square to Chiron on November 2. Chiron was discovered in , and it is a small planet orbiting between Saturn and Uranus. Through decades of observation, Chiron has emerged as the wounded healer archetype. This aspect bears more weight, it is heavier, less amenable to solutions.

    Symbolically, it has played a role in highlighting the differences in how people, individually and collectively, think about and approach human suffering. No doubt, has brought its share of disaster and hardship to many. Together, Saturn and Chiron have been highlighting the fundamental role of attitude and belief in addressing effective solutions in the face of crisis.

    From the extremes of ignorance, blame and avoidance to profound acts of sacrifice, compassion and humanitarian action.

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    • Something to consider in the deep recesses of one's heart. A Scorpio New Moon on November 18 is a powerhouse of vital, deepening, revealing and intense potential. Life is cyclical, always providing a new beginning, and this is an excellent time for an intentional reset. Spanning the zodiac sign of Scorpio, there are five celestial bodies coming together; Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Vesta.