Juno in vedic astrology

Oppositions to Juno have the partner on the "other side of the desk" on a rather continual basis. When you go to the Astrodienst AG web site ,. Read More. Print This Page.

Pallas, Juno, and Vesta: The Three Jewels of Your Astrology Chart

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✧ Otherworldly ✧ — Juno in the signs 🌹💞✨

I understand that you will use this info only and solely to send me the newsletter. Keep an eye out for passion that leads too far into drama Juno and Jupiter were both known to take things too far…even after years of marriage.

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Keep your eyes peeled at the gym or while you are out and about. Taurus or 2 nd House : Craves partnership centered on stability and physical security such as financial resources. Beware a possible materialistic desire instead of one focused on grounded connection.

Venus enters Sagittarius

Ideal long-term partners may pop-up through friends of friends or a matchmaker. Juno in Gemini or 3 rd House : This placement seeks mental stimulation as well as someone else to bounce ideas off or communicate often with possibly even too much. Shadow side of Gemini Juno could be social without one-on-one relating. Learning environments could be prime places to meet a partner. Juno in Cancer or 4 th House : A key desire is finding a nurturing partner to build a deep emotional connection and home life.

Sometimes too much Cancerian energy moves into being a parent instead of partner watch out for that tendency. This could be a relationship that happens over time or meet through family friends or religious institutions.

Asteroid Juno in Astrology

Juno in Leo or 5 th House : A want ad for this Juno may mention wanting to start an empire with someone and who helps you feel seen or inspired to build an empire. Think twice about someone who is just charming but not able to see you as well.

Possible meeting spots could be anywhere with the best and brightest, the hot new restaurant that is hard to get in to. Keep an eye on patterns of getting too obsessed with intelligence that it loses an emotional bond. This person could very well be right under your nose, as a neighbor, or someone you see at the grocery store.

Juno in Libra or 7 th House : An equal and complement would be the qualities that motivate Juno in Libra most. This sign is closely connected to Libra so aesthetically oriented places such as an art museum or shopping mall. June in Scorpio or 8 th House : Deep soul and intimate bonding create the drive for this asteroid placement.



However, lack of intimacy can be mistaken for intensity or power struggles, so keep an eye on the difference between the two. These partners could be found at an empowering workshop or another place of vulnerability. Juno in Sagittarius or 9 th House : This combo craves a vision keeper and idealist, or someone to wax poetic about philosophy or travel the world together. The mundane day-to-day relating could feel less interesting with your partner, though a necessary part of bringing it into reality.

Ancient Astrology

Perhaps you meet them while traveling or at a mind-expanding conference. Juno in Capricorn or 10 th House : Capricorn Juno is motivated by stability and security in a partner, both financially and emotionally. Things to watch out for would be wanting someone who acts as an authority over instead of a balance of power. These ideal long-term connections could show up in work situations or related events.

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  6. Juno in Aquarius or 11 th House : A quirky or inventive person who keeps you on your toes or helps you lean you more into your creative side. The downside of this placement might mean someone who could be a bit off in the clouds in their own endeavors.

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